21 Juni, 2011


most of the time i tell myself :
'i hate mylife' yeaaa yeaaaaa just the typical menyemenye trying-to-be-cool print out on teenage t-shirt...
usually followed with '...and i want to die'
but i dont like this sentence...well i still want to travel, to eat nice food (im hungry when typing this), i want to ride on (again) battlestar galactica at universal studio, to visit israel..
no no..BIG NO..i dont want to die..amitamit..

why i hate mylife?
okay..im trying to be honest..and i DO HOPE i feel better after this..

1. i quit from where i worked
and its because silly-thing-everyoneintheoffice-know : my boss is fierce, galak.. eventhough he's my uncle but he's superduperperfectionist (which is good for shaping my mind now), and i quitted without elegant behavior *teeeeeeeeeeettttttttttttttt my mistake

2. starting own business
i started my small hardware shop last year, and it runs so so, nothing spectacular like what i though, i have to pay my own truck (pick up car) every month, electricity bill, phone bill, etc etc.. ALL BY MYSELF !!!!!!!! these would not happen to me if i didnt quit from the office
all my income goes to the bill.. i didnt shop recently, didnt go to the beautician, spa, and things i used to do when i was an employee..
and its kiiiiiiiiiiiiiillllllllllllllllllllllliiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnngggggggggggggggg me *huh*

3. jealousy
looking out my friends. nice dress, thumbsup shoes, fab car, and carrerr !!!!

hummmm....and i dont feel any better...
will post another one soon. sooooooooo bad mood until i want to choke myself.

-dina nainggolan-


hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii lapenina..
its been more than one year since my last entry..
i would like to tell why, but yea thats a damn long story

hmmm... what should i write down
i feel like im a kinderstudent doing first introduction in front of the class..
where do i start....

im 26yo now..
i have small hardware shop called TB. Alam Raya
i run small furniture business with my beau PranadewaFurniture
and still several things i wanna do, but i havent started yet..so will post later :)

-dina nainggolan-

31 Maret, 2010

Dinner with The Team

on the last day of exhibition, its a tradition to have dinner together *my boss paid the bill of course..hahaha..
so we had dinner in japanese restaurant, in ION, Orchard road

the whole team, including my boss, Mr. Donald Lang, excluding my manager *he's taking the picture..hihihi
the menu set *choosing choosing choosing choosing

the set that i chose *eeeeerrrr..i forget the name

yummy..lets eat!!

-dina nainggolan-

The Team

i would like to introduceeeeeeeeee....
THE SINGAPORE EXPO TEAM *taraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

mr.Yulianto Nugroho (as the manager), ms.Yati Bakar (as Singapore Mover), me (as marketing), Rimas Sunaring (as marketing), mrs.Lucia (as director), and mrs.Dona Lang (as our Lady Boss)

the ladies with Vicky Gopez *inspector from Phillipine

the ladies, in front of the HEADACHE chair

the ladies, in front of the HEADACHE bedset !!

the show was a lot better than last year. the market is slightly waking up, but not as strong as few years ago. but i feel very positive about the market, some projects, and the company itself.

-dina nainggolan-

29 Maret, 2010

Nice Women I Met in Singapore

remember her??????
i met this grandmama in singapore last year..
and she came also this year..
she came to buy our expo products as an end-user..
*she's very funny and humble *i know she'e very rich..she has a huge land private house in sing

me & Madam Kang

she is Mrs. Joo and she is korean
she also did buy our furniture as an end-user at show
i like her because she spoke very nice and elegant, she smiled a lot, she is very pretty anddddddd...i like her hairstyle.. *whohihohohoho...

28 Maret, 2010

Quick Walk in Robertson Walk

on the last day in Singapore, when i should've gone shopping..
another buyer phoned and asked us to check his place in Robertson Quay..
so we went there as a team.. *but the men did all the checking etc..while all the girls were walking around and taking pictures :p

in front of Hogs Breath Cafe

Robertson Walk or Robertson Quay is a nice place next to Clarke Quay..
there are so many fine dining *from international to oriental
also many small boutique with classy style *which i cant appreciate well..haha..

Robertson Walk

Australia Flag @Hogs Breath Cafe
wish i go to Oz this year !!

-dina nainggolan-